Hwy 11 (Gravenhurst) to Collingwood ON

From: Hwy 11 (Gravenhurst)
To: Collingwood ON
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Driving (kms): 132.5 Time: 1 hr 55 min  

Driving (kms) Directions (! = Important)
72.0 km
  • Drive down Hwy 11 South past Gravenhurst
  • Hwy 11 will become Hwy 400 S to Barrie
  • ! Continue on Hwy 400 until you see the Hwy 26W/Bayfield St. Hwy #27 N Exit #98
  • At the stop light, turn right onto Bayfield St. N
5.0 km
  • Travel North on Bayfield Street (Hwy #26/27) past all the fast food restaurants and shopping malls
  • ! Turn left at Hwy #26 West Stayner/Collingwood sign (GP Masonry & Landscaping Supplies is on the right)
34.0 km
  • Follow Hwy #26 West to Stayner, turn right at the lights (Esso gas centre) and continue along Hwy #26 West.
12.0 km
  • You will still be on Hwy #26 West. Follow Hwy #26 through roundabouts to Collingwood.
  • Proceed straight through the lights at Pilkington Factory (this will be on your left)
3.5 km
  • ! At the next set of lights at Collingwood (Car dealership on right and Home Furniture on left), follow the ramp to the right Ė you will still be on Hwy #26 West
  • Proceed along Hwy #26 West until you see the stop lights at the First Street/Hurontario Street intersection (Loblaws will be on your left and bulk barn on your right) go straight through those lights and the next two sets of lights until you reach the third set of lights with Holiday Inn Express on the right and Macís Milk on your left.
4.0 km
  • ! Proceed straight through these lights, you will now be on Blue Mountain Road Ext. and will be driving straight towards the mountain.
  • Major landmarks you will pass along the way are:
    1. Walmart to your left
    2. Goodyear to your right
    3. Billboard about Blue Mountain on your left
  • You will approach a set of lights where you will see Mountainside Sports to your left.
2.0 km
  • Continue straight through the lights (the road now becomes Grey Road #19) and proceed to the Roundabout.
  • !Enter the roundabout and depending on where you’d like to park at the base of Blue Mountain, follow to your chosen destination :
    • To South Base Lodge / Rentals / Parking Lot in South End – Follow Red Signs Labeled with South
    • To Village at Blue / Rentals / Parking Lot in Central Area – Follow Blue Signs Labeled with Village
    • To Blue Mountain Inn / Guest Services / Parking Lot at the Inn – Follow Orange Signs Labeled with Inn
    • To North End Parking Lot – Follow Black Signs Labeled with North
  Welcome to Blue Mountain!

Please note: Driving distances are only approximations to the actual distance.

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