HWY-89 and HWY-24 (CR-124) (Shelburne) to Collingwood ON

From: HWY-89 and HWY-24 (CR-124) (Shelburne)
To: Collingwood ON
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Driving (kms): 53.5 Time: 49 min  

Driving (kms) Directions (! = Important)
26.0 km
  • Follow along HWY-24 (CR-124) to Singhampton
  • You will drive past an Esso Station on your right hand side.
18.0 km
  • Turn right at the stop sign and continue along HWY-24 (CR-124) to Duntroon.
  • At Duntroon, continue straight through the lights.
  • The next town you will go through is Nottawa – you are still on HWY-24 (CR-124)
  • Continue along HWY-24 (CR-124) straight to Collingwood
  • HWY-24 (CR-124) becomes Hurontario Street, this is Downtown Collingwood .
  • At the final set of lights (Loblaws is on your left) you should see a sign directly ahead of you that says HWY 26
3.5 km
  • ! Turn left at the lights onto HWY 26 West (also known as First Street)
  • Drive straight through the next two sets of lights until you reach the third set of lights with Wendy’s on the right and Mac’s Milk on your left.
4.0 km
  • ! Proceed straight through these lights, you will now be on Blue Mountain Road Ext. and will be driving straight towards the mountain.
  • Major landmarks you will pass along the way are:
    1. Walmart to your left
    2. Goodyear to your right
    3. Billboard about Blue Mountain on your left
  • You will approach a set of lights where you will see Mountainside Sports to your left.
2.0 km
  • Continue straight through the lights (the road now becomes Grey Road #19) and proceed to the Roundabout.
  • !Enter the roundabout and depending on where you’d like to park at the base of Blue Mountain, follow to your chosen destination :
    • To South Base Lodge / Rentals / Parking Lot in South End – Follow Red Signs Labeled with South
    • To Village at Blue / Rentals / Parking Lot in Central Area – Follow Blue Signs Labeled with Village
    • To Blue Mountain Inn / Guest Services / Parking Lot at the Inn – Follow Orange Signs Labeled with Inn
    • To North End Parking Lot – Follow Black Signs Labeled with North
  Welcome to Blue Mountain!

Please note: Driving distances are only approximations to the actual distance.

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