Owen Sound (Hwy 26 East)

From: Owen Sound (Hwy 26 East)
To: Collingwood ON
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Driving (kms): 56 Time: 50 min  

Driving (kms) Directions (! = Important)
52.0 km
  • Beginning from Heritage Mall
  • Follow Hwy #26 East straight through the towns of Meaford, Thornbury and Craigleith
  • In Craigleith you will pass the Craigleith Provincial Park on your left and Northwinds Beach on your left.
  • Immediately past Northwinds Beach, you will see a set of lights (Craigleith Depot).
4.0 km
  • ! Turn right at the lights onto Blue Mountain Road (County Road 19) and follow straight up the hill towards the mountain.
  • You will proceed past Mountain Springs Lodge on your right and will start seeing Black signs labeled with North for the North End Parking Lot on your right. Continue straight if you are looking for:
    • To Blue Mountain Inn / Guest Services / Parking Lot at the Inn Follow Orange Signs Labeled with Inn
    • To Village at Blue / Rentals / Parking Lot in Central Area Follow Blue Signs Labeled with Village
    • To South Base Lodge / Rentals / Parking Lot in South End Follow Red Signs Labeled with South
  Welcome to Blue Mountain!

Please note: Driving distances are only approximations to the actual distance.

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