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Sunday, February 7, 2016 3:57 PM
Average Base:75 cm
Snow Conditions:Machine Groomed Granular
New Snow:0cm
Snow Making:No
Day Lifts Open:13 of 13
Day Trails Open:38 of 42
Day Activities Open:3 of 4
Day Freestyle Open:3 of 3
Night Lifts Open:10 of 10
Night Trails Open: 28 of 30
Night Freestyle Open:3 of 3
Night Activities Open:1 of 2

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Water Quality & Conservation


From our extensive snowmaking system to washing dishes in our restaurants and lodges, water plays an integral role in the success of Resort operations. Blue Mountain has been involved in a number of initiatives over the years to protect water quality and conserve water consumption.


  • Blue Mountain operates the largest snowmaking system in Canada – pumping 13,000 gallons of water per minute and producing a 1 acre-foot of snow every 15-20 minutes.
  • The snowmaking system uses non-potable water taken directly from Georgian Bay under our Permit to Take Water, issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.
  • Our water taking is part of a continuous loop with all water flowing back to Georgian Bay through various drainage channels.
  • Snowmaking operations do not use any chemical additives that alter the chemistry or quality of the water supply. SnoMax, a naturally-occurring protein, is used to maximize the efficiency of water use.
  • The snowmaking system helps to control surface runoff in collection ponds, located on Monterra Golf course. This helps to minimize sedimentation in the local water system.

Monterra Golf Course & Village Mill Pond

  • Both Monterra Golf and the Village Mill Pond utilize the existing snowmaking system’s infrastructure to take water from Georgian Bay for irrigation purposes. This eliminates demand pressure on municipally-treated water.
  • Water quality and quantity associated with these uses are regulated by a Certificate of Approval issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.
  • Water quality monitoring is conducted at the Village Mill Pond and Blue Mountain’s Monterra Golf Course on a regular basis to ensure that water quality is not negatively impacted by the resort’s operations
  • The Village Mill Pond is stocked with brown and speckled trout for catch and release fishing activities. White heron, ducks, geese, swans, redwing blackbirds and other songbirds also regularly visit this location.
  • We will seek Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Certification for the Village Mill Pond upon completion of Village construction surrounding this feature.

Hospitality Conservation Initiatives

  • Blue Mountain offers the Project Planet linen and towel re-use program in all guest accommodation and has done so since January 2005.
  • Low-flow showerheads are installed in the Blue Mountain Inn and all Village accommodation units. Low-flow toilets are installed in all Village accommodation units and any new toilets installed across the Resort are low-flow. Aerators are installed on the majority of faucets across the Resort.

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