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Monterra Golf Course Overview

Golf-Hole by Hole

Hole 1

Hole #1: Premonition

This opening Par 5 offers up a tremendous start to Monterra Golf. The hole doglegs ever so slightly to the right. A series of three bunkers guard the landing area to the right and two bunkers flank the left side.

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Hole 2

Hole #2: Reflections

This par 3 gets its name honestly. It is named after the ever-present reflections off the pond that stretches from the tee all the way past the green. And miss the green and you will have time to reflect.

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Hole 3

Hole #3: Boulder

If you look down the left side of the fairway you will see a large boulder. Now you know where this hole gets its name! This par 4 is reachable only for those who can carry the ball 275 to 300 yards with a soft landing.

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Hole 4

Hole #4: Principal

Another hole that requires great precision off the tee. Check your distance based on what tee you are playing. The best tee shot is a lay up to as close to the fairway cross-bunker.

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Hole 5

Hole #5: Fortitude

This is the number 1 handicapped hole at Monterra. The par 4 is a dogleg to the left and the tee shot and the second shot are equally demanding. Fortitude plays to 413 yards from a tee high above the fairway and will demand all the intestinal fortitude you have to play it and come away with a par.

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Hole 6

Hole #6: Nipissing

This par 3 is almost all carry over the same pond that skirts the green on # 5. It plays to 158 yards from the back tee. If you look behind you the hillside you see is the old shoreline of the post glacial lake Nipissing.

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Hole 7

Hole #7: Lochness

Number seven is a testy little par 4. Your biggest challenge here is the two ponds. Yes, now you know where the name comes from. Loch is Scottish for lake and with two it is a monster!

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Hole 8

Hole #8: Saviour

After the ponds of number seven this par 4 has become known as the saviour. 421 yards, straightforward, no bunkers. Your tee shot demands the ultimate accuracy with a pond left and a rambling creek crosses the fairway.

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Hole 9

Hole #9: Old Tom

This par 5 is inspired by the great golfer Old Tom Morris. It features every shot in your bag. From the Gold tee it is 295 yards to the end of the fairway near the creek. This is almost always a driver here with the prevailing winds generally coming towards you.

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Hole 10

Hole #10: Stagefright

This demanding Par 3 plays to 134 yards from the gold tee. The green is 37 yards long and is on a slight diagonal right to left. Once you climb up to the gold tee deck the stage is yours high on the Nipissing Ridge.

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Hole 11

Hole #11: Himalaya

This rolling par 5 is a classic. Your tee shot is hit to a valley in the fairway well below the tees. Two bunkers guard this landing area to the right. This hole plays to 547 yards and reaching the green in two is very difficult.

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Hole 12

Hole #12: Dune

This 161-yard par 3 features Monterra’s first waster bunker. It is a yawning bunker that stretches from tee to green. The green is 40 yards long.

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Hole 13

Hole #13: Revenge

Alright. After the relatively tame 12th it is time for a little revenge! This 580 par 5 is a beauty. It also features a waste bunker that must be crossed on your tee shot. Feeling a little heroic?

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Hole 14

Hole #14: Silver Lining

This hole is named after the creek that runs in front of the green. It is a tributary of the Silver Creek. It is a stern 432-yard par 4 and rated the 4th most difficult on Monterra Golf. On a clear day you also get a glimpse of Georgian Bay from atop the back tee deck.

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Hole 15

Hole #15: Coffin

The name says it all. Coffin. Named after the shape of the bunker in front of the green. This incredible 147 yard par 3 is a great challenge. The green is very narrow. Make sure to adjust to the correct yardage as marked on the sprinkler heads on the your tee deck.

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Hole 16

Hole #16: Mountain High

This par 4 part of Monterra’s great finish. You are on your way back to the mountain now. Mountain High plays to 450 yards from the golf tee and usually into the wind.

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Hole 17

Hole #17: Sahara

This 347 yard par 4 features a large waste bunker that stretches down the entire left side of the hole, from tee to green. The tee shot is key to set up your approach into the green.

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Hole 18

Hole #18: Algonquin

Alright, I know you want to play this hole, but take a moment to view your surroundings. The ski hills to your right represent the shoreline of the glacial lake Algonquin.

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