When: Tuesday, May 9th, 2017
Time: 8:45am – 2:30pm

Blue Mountain is excited to invite Grade 8 Students from area schools to bring their school spirit and enjoy a day of activity, competition and learning.

This fun and engaging experience will help prepare students for the transition from public school to high school and engage them in important tips on preparing for a part-time job.


8:45amBuses arrive at Blue Mountain
9:00amProgram Begins
Welcome Address and run down of the day
10:00amActivities Begin
1:00pmBlake Fly Presentation
2:30pmBuses Depart Blue Mountain

Topics Covered during the day include:
What to expect and tips for managing life as a high school student
How to juggle new competing priorities
How to prepare for a part time job
Plus! Enjoy team challenges on Blue Mountain Attractions

Blake Fly and Why He’s worth Listening to
Teens need to focus on what matters in their world. Friends matter. Family matters. Grades matter. Decisions matter. Most importantly, teenagers want to feel like they matter.
Blake uses live music, storytelling and appropriate humor to shed a bright light on the ups, downs and opportunities in high school life. He opens up about his struggles and strong points of secondary school to inspire students to leave their school (and the people in it) better than how they found it. Students leave Blake’s programs with a heightened appreciation of their school, their peers and themselves.
Blake equips students with fun ways to say thank you and appreciate others in person and online. Students will rethink the significance of their high school life, and the positive impact they can have on peers, teachers, friends and family along the way.


Quality Friendships vs. Quantity Friendships (Online and Offline)
Getting judged and making that experience powerful rather than painful
The Social Spectrum: The debate between fitting in and standing out
Four practical steps to developing a positive reputation that inspires others
Saying thank you: Making others matter through the power of appreciation

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