To assist you in planning your trip, please read and follow the procedure information below.

To be completed prior to arrival

Activity ChoicesReview your activity options provided in your Confirmation Email and inform your Recreation Event Manager which ones you would like to register for. Activities are not guaranteed until they have been booked through your Recreation Event Manager.

Once you have requested your activities an agenda will be put together by your Recreation Event Manager for you to review.

Youth Informed Consent Permission Form

You will be provided a link by your Recreation Event Manager. Please send this link out to parents/guardians to be completed at least 72 hours before arrival. This link is a specific link only to be used by your school for this particular trip.

Shortly after your link is sent to you, you will receive an email from Waiver File with a separate link and password so you can check and see which students have completed their waivers - please do not forward these details to parents/guardians or delete this email. Please log in regularly to ensure all students have completed the waiver 72 hours before arrival.

Although we urge you to complete the online waiver, if you are unable to please see the below Informed Consent Permission Form to be sent home and signed by each student’s parent or legal guardian. Please inform your Recreation Event Manager if you have chosen to complete the paper waiver as opposed to the online waiver.

Collect signed forms and present them to your Recreation Services Representative upon arrival.

Download Informed Consent Permission Form

If the informed consent permission form is not filled out correctly and/or if it is not signed, the student will not be permitted to participate.

Welcome Package
Once your agenda has been finalized you will be sent a Welcome Package in the mail that will include the following:

- Agenda ─ with copies for the chaperones
- Chaperone Expectations
- Wristbands ─ please ensure these are handed out and on the students before arriving at Blue Mountain
- Arrival Instructions and Map
- Pre-Arrival and Day of Arrival Checklist

Summer Attraction Restrictions and RequirementsPlease review and send home for all parents/legal guardians to review.

Download Attraction Restrictions and Requirements

Exclusion of LiabilityPlease review and send home for all parents/legal guardians to review.

Download Exclusion of Liability

Helmet Use AcknowledgementPlease send home if parent/legal guardian is requesting that their child not wear a helmet due to religious reasons.

Download Helmet Use Acknowledgement Form

Food Order FormPlease have your Wrap order forms completed for each student and sent back to your Recreation Event Manager at least one week prior to arrival.

Download Wrap Order Form

If you are staying for two nights you can choose to add in another lunch meal option if you have not already. Please see the attached meal voucher option.

Download Group Meal Voucher Details

At Blue Mountain Resort, we strive to give every guest an unforgettable experience during every visit. It’s our mission to promote an inclusive environment where all guests can enjoy their experience to the fullest. Should you or a member of your group require accommodation in relation to any of the attractions or materials we provide as part of your package, please notify your Recreation Event Manager. Blue Mountain Resort will make every effort to accommodate persons with disabilities in a timely, effective and suitable manner.

Segway Cancellation Policy
Cancellation within 72 hours or less of the scheduled activity date will result in a charge of 100% of the price quoted.