To assist you in planning your trip, please read and follow the procedure information below.

To be completed prior to arrival:

Activity Choices
1. Review your activity options provided in your Confirmation Email and inform your Recreation Event Manager which ones you would like to register for. Activities are not guaranteed until they have been booked through your Recreation Event Manager.
2. Once you have requested your activities an agenda will be put together by your Recreation Event Manager for you to review.

Youth Informed Consent Permission Form
1. Must be sent home to be signed by each student’s parent or legal guardian.
2. Collect signed forms and present them to your Recreation Services Representative upon arrival.
IMPORTANT: If the informed consent permission form is not filled out correctly and/or if it is not signed, the student will not be permitted to participate.

Download Informed Consent Permission Form

Summer Attraction Restrictions and Requirements
1. Please review and send home for all parents/legal guardians to review.

Download Attraction Restrictions and Requirements

Exclusion of Liability
1. Please review and send home for all parents/legal guardians to review.

Download Exclusion of Liability

Food Order Form
1. Please have your Wrap order forms completed for each student and send back to your Recreation Event Manager at least 1 week prior to arrival.

Download Wrap Order Form

Procedure when you arrive at Blue Mountain:

1. Arrive at your hotel – to check-in and store your luggage for the day. (map attached below)
2. A Recreation Services representative will meet your group in the lobby of your hotel to welcome and discuss their day with them.
3. All informed consent permission forms must be submitted at this time. If the informed consent permission form is not completed the individual will not be able to participate.
4. An onsite contact person with a cell phone is required. We will collect your contact information at this time.
5. All students will be given a wristband to identify them as a school group. Wristbands must be worn for the duration of your trip.
6. A representative from the Recreation Services Team will walk your group to the Grand Central Lodge where we will help your group get organized and out to their first scheduled activity. A Recreation Services Ambassador will be available throughout the day for questions and to ensure that your group is moving through their chosen activities on time.

Download Arrival Map

At Blue Mountain Resort, we strive to give every guest an unforgettable experience during every visit. It’s our mission to promote an inclusive environment where all guests can enjoy their experience to the fullest. Should you or a member of your group require accommodation in relation to any of the attractions or materials we provide as part of your package, please notify your Recreation Event Manager. Blue Mountain Resort will make every effort to accommodate persons with disabilities in a timely, effective and suitable manner.

Segway Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation within 72 hours or less of the scheduled activity date will result in a charge of 100% of the price quoted.