Thank you for choosing Blue Mountain Resorts LP as your group destination.

Below you will find important information on how to plan your group visit. Please follow all guidelines and make sure all requirements are completed before your arrival.


Please register your child for their Blue Mountain field trip by following the link below. This link contains important information about the Alpine Responsibility Code, Acknowledgement/ Informed Consent, and Important Ski/Snowboard information.

Register your Child for Blue Mountain Excursion


To Prepare for Blue Mountain Field Trip:

  1. Have parents/guardians fill out proper form for either ski/snowboard or non-ski field trips.

Ski & Snowboard Field Trips

For families with internet access, please share this URL them to the Parents section, to have them register their child, fill out the OSBIE special winter excursion form, and review important ski/snowboard information prior to your fieldtrip date

For families without internet access, please print and distribute the OSBIE Special Winter Excursion Forms prior to your field trip date.

All paper OSBIE Special Winter Excursion Forms will be submitted upon arrival at Blue Mountain.
If we do not receive a correctly filled out OSBIE Special Winter Excursion Form for a student, the student will not be able to participate.

NON-ski & snowboard fieldtrips

Print and distribute non-ski school trip informed consent permission formto parents and guardians.

These forms will be presented at the Recreation Services portable on your day of arrival.

If the Non-Ski School Trip Informed Consent Permission Form is not filled out correctly and signed, the student will not be permitted to participate in the activities.

2. Organizers must fill out the Master Information Form (MIF) with lift ticket, lesson, rental and meal voucher information pertaining to your group, in the fields provided at the top of the form. List all individuals who are renting equipment in the rental area of this form. (If students are using the electronic OSBIE Special Winter Excursion Forms, you do not need to enter rental information). Additionally, for students who are using the electronic OSBIE Special Winter Excursion Form, we will send out the Master Information Form 2 weeks prior to your visit, to ensure that every student has registered in accordance to teacher lists. Lastly, upon receiving this email we ask that teacher/organizers reply with either their school participant list and/or confirmation that the information in the MIF is correct.

E-mail or fax attn: Recreation Services (705-444-1751) this form at least 7 days prior to your field trip.

Note: If this form is not received 7 days prior to your ski day we cannot guarantee that rental cards will be made, which could lead to a slower rental process.

All adults requiring rental equipment (Teachers and Volunteers), must complete the Adult Rental Waiver

Review our Winter Safety Policy, as well as the Alpine Responsibility Code with your students.

When you Arrive at Blue Mountain

All digital OSBIE Special Winter Excursion Forms and Adult Rental Release of Liability Forms must be submitted prior to arrival. We will be collecting paper forms upon arrival.

1.) Arrive at the Recreation Services Portable located in the South Base Lodge parking area.

2.) Have all students stay on the bus while you pick up your lift tickets, lessons, rentals and meal vouchers.

Note: Student lift tickets will have a large S (school groups) or E (elective/multi-visit groups) on them; this ticket will restrict students to only have access to carpets until they are assessed.

3.) Your school will be invoiced post trip and payment can be made with cash, Visa, MasterCard, certified cheque or money order. Note: Personal cheques will not be accepted.

4.) A rental deposit of $500 will be made upon arrival by: Certified cheque made out to Blue Mountain Resorts LP or by taking a swipe of a major credit card.

5.) We will take an emergency contact number for someone in your group who is available on the resort for the duration of your trip. Cell phones are mandatory.

6.) A representative will board the bus to greet students and outline the lesson/rental process.

7.) Students will be guided to the South Base Lodge and those who need rentals will be directed to the group rental desk.

8.) First Time Skiers/Riders will start their lesson right away upon exiting the South Base Lodge Rental Shop.

9.) Experienced Skiers/Riders will be asked to proceed to the ‘Explorer Magic Carpet’ to be assessed.

Assessment & Lesson Process at Blue Mountain

We are excited to continue with our improved school group process from last season. We will be using a station teaching approach for your beginner and novice students. The “circuit” consists of 5 stations dedicated to teach skiing and snowboarding for the beginner and novice students in your group. The circuit is a drop in system where your group can show up at any time and stay as long as required. Students can even take a break and come back later to continue their learning process. Every student can progress at their own pace and move from one station to the next when they are ready.

The process for the intermediate and advanced student remains very similar to years past; the students will be assessed and then a 1 hour group lesson will be offered 4 times daily. Your group will not be “booked” into a lesson time; your students simply join the next available lesson after completing their assessment. Overall these adjustments will give your group more flexibility, and a more complete learning experience.

School Group Circuit:
Location: South Base, ‘Big Baby’ Hill
Timing: The Beginner Lesson Circuit is open Monday to Friday 9:30am to 2:30pm with a scheduled 30 minute lunch break, as well as, Thursday and Friday 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Length: Students can start at any time and stay in the circuit for as long as required

1.) Students can start at any time and stay in the circuit for as long as required
2.) Students must be assessed before gaining access to any lifts. Prior to assessment students will only have access to the carpets (Easy Rider, Undergrad and Explorer)
3.)Stickers are assigned based on ability levels and denote what ski trails are accessible:
Green Sticker – Beginner (only allowed access to beginner trails; access to the Big Baby and the Graduate chairlifts)
Blue Sticker – Intermediate (only allowed access to intermediate trails denoted by blue squares – excluding trails within the North Side, access to all lifts excluding the North Side Weider Express)
Black Sticker – Advanced (access to all lifts and all trails) A black sticker will only be given after their lesson
4.) Students who do NOT successfully pass the assessment will practice within the beginner circuit until they are ready to take the assessment again
5.) Students who successfully pass the assessment will take part in an Intermediate or Advanced lesson
6.) All Intermediate and Advanced lessons are scheduled for 1 hour, departing and returning from the school group zone (Bottom of Big Baby) – these lessons will not be pre-booked in advance of your trip
7.) Intermediate and Advanced lessons will run daily at 10:00am, 11:15am, 12:45pm and 2pm also at 5:30pm and 6:45pm (Thursdays and Fridays only)

Students are not permitted within the controlled access Badlands Terrain Park

Helmet Policy
Helmets are mandatory for any students, teachers or volunteers taking part in a winter school group ski/snowboard visit to Blue Mountain. Teachers/volunteers are responsible for enforcing this policy among their students and must ensure that all participants either bring an appropriate snow sport helmet or have requested a rental helmet.

The Blue Mountain Snow School Lesson Policy is set in accordance with the OSBIE (Ontario School Boards' Insurance Exchange) School Board / Snow Resort Safety Guidelines.