Our lessons are designed to provide a fun ski or snowboard experience for our guests with disabilities or in need of special assistance. We offer individualized ski and snowboard instruction and have the necessary equipment required to get you on snow. Our CADS and Ontario Track 3certified instructors will share their expertise and passion for the sport they enjoy all winter long and help introduce; or reintroduce you to skiing or snowboarding.

Please fill out our Adaptive Participant Information form to ensure we have all the information necessary to make your visit a great experience.

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Adaptive Lessons At Blue

We offer a variety of equipment and lesson programs to suit the needs of every individual interested in participating.
Depending on your ability and comfort level, we have many options for stand-up skiing. The techniques we use include one, two, three, or four-track skiing. These techniques are named after the number of tracks left in the snow, when counting the skis and the outriggers. We have numerous tips and tricks to safely introduce you to a new sport, or we can provide physical support and encouragement if you’re looking to be re-introduced to the sport.

Sit-Skiing makes skiing possible for those with limited lower body strength, lower extremity amputations, those who use wheelchairs (paraplegic and quadriplegic), or have developmental disabilities. We offer 3 hour Sit Ski Lessons as some time will be taken to become familiar and comfortable in the new equipment. Our certified instructors can teach all ages and foster a new (or returned) love of skiing. We have both bi-skis and mono-skis available, please arrive early to be fitted for equipment.

* PLEASE NOTE: There is a weight restriction for sit skiers of 200lbs.
We offer individualized ski instruction to meet the needs of participants with cognitive disabilities. Our lessons are taught by instructors trained to use specialized equipment, techniques, and adaptations specific to the participants disability.

In advance of the lesson, let us work together to plan the most successful lesson we can with your help. With your cooperation we will determine individual goals, and specific strategies that will work to achieve these goals.
If you could use some guidance but may need less formal instruction, maybe a guide is for you. Our Guides are trained to assist you on the slopes from the top to the bottom. Whether you need encouragement, information, or visual assistance, a guide can help. Once requested, please make sure to be as descriptive as possible in how you require assistance. Please note that Guides do not provide any sort of personal care.
Please Note
All prices +HST

  • Lift Tickets and Rentals sold separately
  • Due to the demands of the program, we recommend that you book as far in advance as possible
All lessons are flexible and based on the individual needs of the participant.

Prices per person, plus HST. Lesson programs are eligible for a full refund up to 72 hours prior to arrival. Once a guest is within the 72 hour arrival period, programs become non-refundable. If a guest must cancel within the 72 hour arrival period, please call 1-833-583-BLUE to discuss options.

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