A Scenic Loop Through And Enchanted Forest

The forest will enchant you as you travel along this magical loop located on the lower third of the mountain next to South Base Lodge. This lovely loop takes you deep into the hidden valleys of Blue and past one of Blue Mountain's first beginner ski areas. Watch out for hidden forest shelters, gazebos, and ancient ski huts along the way.

*Walking time is based on 15 minutes for every kilometre of horizontal distance, plus 10 minutes for every 100 metres of ascent. Allow for additional time to account for the slowest hiker in your group.
Usage Hiking
Difficulty Beginner
Length 0.55km
Walking Time~25 minutes*
Trails Accessible from Here
Green World
Usage: Multi-Use (bike/hike on lower half; hike only on upper half)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Trail direction from Enchanted Forest: Green World intersects with Enchanted Forest at two points. Guests can opt to hike Green World from the start of the Enchanted Forest loop or jump from one trail to the other at the midway point.
Walking Time: ~90 minutes

Usage: Hike
Difficulty: Advanced
Trail direction from Enchanted Forest: Cascade will allow guests to extend their loop by a little or a lot with options to head back down the mountain to South Base or climb the remaining two thirds to the top.
Walking Time: ~40 minutes

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