Honouring Those That Have Passed

The midpoint of this relatively easy loop reveals a beautiful memorial garden made up of iron flowers that bear the name of those who have passed. Armour stone landscaping makes for the perfect resting spot to catch your breath and reflect before making your way back up the mountain.

*Walking time is based on15 minutes for every kilometre of horizontal distance, plus 10 minutes for every 100 metres of ascent. Allow for additional time to account for the slowest hiker in your group.

Usage Hiking
Difficulty Intermediate
Walking Time ~30 minutes*
Connecting Trails
Weider Way
Usage: Hike
Distance from Memory Lane trailhead: there are two ways to access Weider Way from Memory Lane, each are roughly .5km depending on which direction you start your loop.
Difficulty: Intermediate
Direction from Memory Lane: travel down the mountain and end at the Village, just outside of Weider Lodge

Usage: Hike
Distance from Memory Lane trailhead: hikers can access R-Shore quickly or at the end of their loop. For quick access, take the southern more loop to get to R-Shore in .36km, or hike the majority of Memory Lane to access R-Shore in .74km
Direction from Memory Lane: head south towards Route 66 and the summit of South base trails

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