Take This Trail Across

This side trail pulls double duty as one of Blue's most picturesque ski trails. Tall rock walls line the sides of this trail and guide you from the Orchard hiking pod across to South.

*Walking time is based on 15 minutes for every kilometre of horizontal distance, plus 10 minutes for every 100 metres of ascent. Allow for additional time to account for the slowest hiker in your group.
Usage Hiking
Difficulty Intermediate
Length 0.89km
Walking Time~20 minutes*
Connecting Trails
Usage: Hiking
Difficulty: Advanced
Trail direction from Southern Cross: Hikers can choose to take Cascade up to the top of the mountain, or back down to the bottom at South Base Lodge
Walking time: 40 Minutes

Usage: Hiking
Difficulty: Intermediate
Trail direction from Southern Cross: Instead of travelling the length of Southern Cross, hikers can choose to take Gully across to the upper most portion of Cascade, or travel the length of Gully down to the lower half of Green World.
Walking time: 25 minutes

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