Sign Them Up for Snow School Today and Celebrate Tomorrow

We were there for their first lessons and watched them make their first turns on the slopes. Today we offer our full support to local athletes who grow up to participate in the competitive circuit and chase media coverage across the province, country and the world.

Each skier or snowboarder applying to the Blue Mountain Athlete Assistance Program will need to follow the athlete selection process described below. Athletes will be selected based on the following criteria.

The selection process will take into consideration contest results, media coverage, personality, history with Blue Mountain Resort and the answer to the final essay question on the application. All applications for the 2016/17 season must be received by end of day on November 4, 2016.

Please fill out the interview questions:





Discipline: (choice of freestyle snowboard, freestyle ski, alpine snowboard/SBX, alpine ski/ski cross)

How often did you ski or ride at Blue Mountain last winter?

When did you start training at Blue Mountain?

List your top competitive results from the 2015/16 winter season:

List any media coverage you received during the 2015/16 winter season:

List your current sponsors:

Twitter Username:

Instagram Username:

Reference Name and Contact Information:

In 100 to 200 words, please explain why you think you should be considered for the 2016/17 Blue Mountain Athlete Assistance Program? Include what you have to offer the Resort as an athlete, and describe your goals for the upcoming winter.

Please attach photos and provide a link to a recent web edit (if available):

Please email the above required items to Jason Petznick at