Blue Mountain welcomes applicants from around the world each season to work and play at the Resort. Join us to deliver exceptional guest experience, create lasting memories, and explore the region we call home.

Requirements for Work

All International Applicants interested in working for Blue Mountain must have:

  • Canadian Visa and Work Permit
  • Travel Insurance
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Blue Mountain Resort DOES NOT provide letters of offer to foreign workers who require an offer to apply for their Visa to come to Canada. To apply for your Canadian Visa and Work Permit, you must contact the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country. Please remember that the application process can take several weeks or months.


    All of our employees must have a competent grasp of the English language and be able to communicate clearly with co-workers and guests. Please be prepared to go through the interview process and provide your resume in English.

    Getting Here

    Located just a few hours north-west of Toronto, there are a number of convenient options for the last leg of your trip.

    Moving to Canada

    Important Information for Your Stay

    Bank Accounts and SIN

    A SIN (Social Insurance Number) is issued in person at the Government office in Collingwood. Once you have a SIN, you can open up a Canadian bank account.

    Passport and Health Insurance

    Human Resources will ask for your passport AND work permit to photocopy upon arrival at the Resort. Please ensure you have adequate health insurance coverage for your stay in Canada. Hospitals will require payment up front for medical treatment.

    It is strongly recommended to bring a credit card with at least $2000 CAD available to pay medical bills if necessary.

    Canadian Taxes

    Taxes are deducted from your pay automatically and you must manually submit your tax information to the government at the end of the tax year upon receiving your T4 form from payroll. Your T4 will be mailed to you in February. Please ensure that we have a correct mailing address when you leave.

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