Employee Housing

Many prospective employees are looking for a place to stay during the winter or summer season. Blue Mountain Resort is pleased to offer a limited number of employee housing beds to our employees. The accommodation is in houses that are co-ed with shared common areas. During the hiring process, we will be able to let you know whether there are beds available. However, we strongly recommend you arrive with pre-booked accommodations.

If allocated a room in employee housing, your move-in date will be prearranged with the Front Desk. A deposit is required to hold your spot. Once working, rent is payroll deducted.

Employee housing is located off-site of the resort but within walking distance to work. A shuttle service is provided for work purposes only.

Staff Accommodation Connection (SAC) Program

When employee housing is not available to you, Human Resources at Blue Mountain Resort also offers assistance in finding local accommodation through the Staff Accommodation Connection (SAC) program. To access the listings as an employee or to participate in the program as a property owner, contact the SAC Coordinator by email at apply@bluemountain.ca.

For Employees:
Are you an employee looking for local accommodation?
The SAC Coordinator will provide you with the available rental listings in the surrounding area. The rentals range from rooms for rent in homes/chalets, condos and apartments to multi-room properties. Geographic locations and costs will vary and is the employee’s responsibility to find the right fit.
We look forward to assisting you in securing local accommodation and starting your Blue Mountain Experience on the right track!

For Property Owners:
Do you have a room in your home or a rental property you would like to rent out?
The SAC Coordinator gathers listings from property owners to provide to Blue Mountain Resort employees.

Please note: The SAC program is designed as a service to help Blue Mountain employees only (specifically new arrivals to the area) get in touch with local property owners. There is NO COST to participate in the program for employees or property owners and the resort will not be responsible for the actions of potential tenants or property owners participating in the program.

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