Blue Mountain promotes a healthy natural environment through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as through our membership in programs such as Sustainable Slopes.

We endeavour to be an environmental leader not only in the Georgian Triangle region but to provide national industry leadership.

Environmental Vision Statement

To be recognized as a leader among four-season resort destinations in Canada for our exceptional commitment to the environment in which we live, work and play and for continually striving to achieve resort-wide sustainability.

Environmental Mission
  • Blue Mountain Resort is committed to maintaining the Niagara Escarpment region as a healthy ecosystem for both present and future generations to enjoy.
  • We recognize Blue Mountain Resort’s impact on the natural environment and are committed to improving environmental synergy in all aspects of our Resort’s operations to further minimize this impact.
  • Blue Mountain Resort will endeavour to conduct all future development in a manner that is harmonious with the surrounding natural landscape.
  • We will continue to ‘create the best memories…again and again’, while upholding our environmental, social, and economic responsibilities.

Environmental Team
Blue Mountain has a full-time, year-round Manager of Environment and Planning Services who is dedicated to implementing and overseeing a variety of environmental programs across the resort.

Sustainable Slopes: The Environmental Charter for Ski Areas
  • Blue Mountain is a proud member of the National Ski Areas Association Sustainable Slopes program, the environmental charter for ski areas.
  • We remain the only ski resort in Ontario to endorse Sustainable Slopes and have done so since the Charter's inception in 2000.

Community Outreach

Keep Winter Cool Program
  • Since 2009, Blue Mountain has participated in the National Ski Areas Association’s Keep Winter Cool program by organizing on-resort activities and displays to raise guest awareness about the potential impacts of climate change on the ski industry

Community Clean-Ups
  • Each year, Blue Mountain employees participate in Pitch-In Canada Week - volunteering to clean-up our adopted 2.8 km stretch of Grey County Road 19 and surrounding community.

Waste Management

Blue Mountain is always exploring opportunities to trim its waste-line! The Resort currently diverts approximately 60% of its waste from landfills through various reduce, reuse and recycling initiatives.

Energy Conservation & Emissions Reduction
To date, the Resort has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with our operations.

Water Quality & Conservation – Every Drop Counts!
Our Resort operations rely on a healthy and abundant supply of fresh water. We are always looking for opportunities to conserve water, where possible, and make every effort to ensure that our operations do not negatively impact the area’s water quality.

What can you do?
Blue Mountain recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy natural environment beyond our own geographical boundaries. We encourage our guests to consider their individual environmental impact and make decisions and lifestyle changes that help to minimize this impact. Here are just a few examples to help you get started:
  • Switch off your house: Before leaving for your resort getaway, please turn off lights, appliances, and other equipment to save energy. We also recommend you adjust the thermostat setting lower in the winter and higher in the summer so you are not heating or cooling an empty home.
  • Share a Ride: Whether you’re heading for the hills or the local shopping centre, carpool with friends and family. Even better – get in shape for the ski season by walking or riding your bike around town! During your visit to Blue Mountain, we encourage guests to ride our complimentary Resort shuttles and enjoy our pedestrian trail system.
  • Don't be a drag: Take the ski rack off your car when not in use and replace your snow tires with regular tires at the end of the ski season.
  • Be An Energy Smart Consumer: Purchase Energy Star products and replace traditional light bulbs with compact fluorescent and/or LED lights.
  • Buy Locally Produced Products: Buying local reduces transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and helps support your local economy.