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All lost items that are turned in to the resort are tracked and maintained through a Lost & Found database called ‘Chargerback’. If you lose an item of value, please enter the information into the database. Be as specific as possible when describing the item, and provide phone number, e-mail plus shipping address.

Report a Lost Item

Once you have submitted your lost item report online, Chargerback will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number. If we find your lost item, Chargerback will send an email with simple instructions on how to retrieve it. We will also get back to you if we are not able to find the item.

Equipment found on the hill is kept at the Village Lost & Found inside the Grand Central Lodge, while items lost on the rest of the resort property (hotels and businesses) are taken to the Grand Georgian Hotel. An exception is any item lost at the Westin Trillium House will be processed and kept there.

We encourage you to lock your valuables, but if you think your item has been stolen please contact Guest Services or the Contact Centre, and we will put you in contact with our Security Department.

Please NoteWe hold valuable items including wallets, phones, keys, identification and on hill (ski/board/bike) equipment for 30 days. Any loose credit/debit cards are destroyed after 48 hours. Items of lesser value are kept from 15-30 days. Anything left longer may be disposed of or donated.
Retrieving Lost Items
If your item is found, Chargerback will offer three options to you.

Pick up your item within the appropriate timeframe
We can ship your item via courier at your expense
We can donate the item

Thank you,

Blue Mountain Guest Services