Blue Mountain is a place for people to connect with nature and make memories on our Mountain. That's why we're committed to not only providing great outdoor experiences but to act as stewards of the environment we live and play in.

Climate Advocacy

Emissions Reductions

However You Get Here, Consider the Planet
A group of young adults with luggage walking alongside a bus in an urban setting, conversing and smiling on a sunny day.
Take the Bus
A daily bus line from Toronto to Blue and complimentary shuttle buses across the resort provide convenient and more environmentally friendly transportation. These shuttle services also ensure the punctual arrival of employees residing in staff housing, ultimately enhancing the experience for both guests and staff alike.
Hand plugging a charging cable into the port of a blue electric car.
Drive Smart
No-idling zones established at guest drop-off areas help minimize air pollution and conserve fuel by encouraging drivers to turn off their engines while waiting. For electric vehicle owners, we offer two level 2 EV chargers conveniently located in P2 A.

Reducing Waste

Just a Few Ways We've Taken out the Trash
A man and a woman smiling and enjoying a meal of fried chicken and fries at a table in a well-lit dining area.
Single-Use-Plastics Who?
In our efforts to reduce single-use plastics on resort, we have eliminated plastic takeaway containers and in favour of biodegradable containers made from eco-friendly materials. We've also replaced traditional plastic utensils with an innovative alternative made from agave, a plant-based material that is both renewable and compostable.
Group of five adults in casual clothing and gloves cleaning up a park area, collecting litter into blue plastic bags on a sunny day.
Spring Cleaning
Every spring, as part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, our employees engage in a resort-wide cleanup initiative. They volunteer their time to beautify our adopted 2.8 km segment of Grey County Road 19 and the surrounding community. We are dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty of our surroundings and reinforcing our ongoing efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainability throughout the Resort.
Three workers in reflective vests sorting recyclable materials in a warehouse.
Waste Diversion
We currently divert over 30% of our waste from landfills through various reduce, reuse and recycling initiatives in all of our departments. Recognizing the collective effort required to minimize waste, we've also introduced diversion alternatives for both our guests and team members throughout the Resort.
A group of volunteers planting a young tree in a park, focusing on positioning the sapling into the soil.
EcoChit Receipts
We're proud to use 100% recyclable receipt paper by EcoChit. For every case we purchase, we are proudly supporting reforestation efforts by planting two mangrove trees. As a result, we are responsible for the planting of approximately 150 trees every month!

Sustainable Snowmaking

Winter's Just Better with Snow
Two snowcats grooming a ski slope at dusk, surrounded by snow-covered trees and mist, with overhead lights illuminating their path.
GPS Leads the Way
Each snow groomer is fitted with technology to measure snow depth across the trails. This allows us to be strategic with our snowmaking, focusing only on areas that require it. By targeting only the areas that need it, we save time and resources while ensuring the best possible snow conditions for our guests while minimizing unnecessary snow production, to reduce our environmental impact.
Three skiers wearing helmets and goggles ride a chairlift up a snowy mountain slope during twilight.
LEDs So You Can Ski
LED night ski light upgrade: Blue Mountain has reduced its electrical consumption by 40% by retrofitting the on-hill ski lighting system with new, energy efficient LED lights, using more efficient snowmaking processes and fostering a conservation culture on Resort.

Ecosystem Conservation

When the Resort goes from white with snow to green with leaves, our teams look for ways to use natural enhancements around the Resort whenever possible.
Aerial view of a busy outdoor mini-golf course surrounded by a restaurant and residential buildings on a sunny day.
Tree Nursery
The trees on the Cascade Putting Course are put in a pot-in-pot system, keeping them happy and healthy throughout the summer and easily planted on and around the Mountain at the end of the season.
A bee on purple flowers with green foliage under sunny lighting.
Bee Friendly
We believe in creating spaces for wildlife and pollinators to thrive. As supporters of Pollinate Blue Mountains, we've installed two pollinator canoes at our resort to help local pollinators flourish.

How Can You Help?

A man in a winter coat adjusts a thermostat on a wooden wall inside a modern building.
Power Down
Before leaving you home for your getaway, turn off lights and appliances to save energy. Adjust the thermostat so you are not heating or cooling an empty home.
Young woman wearing a green sweater dances in the passenger seat while a man drives; both enjoying a road trip through a forested area.
Ride Share & Walk
To reduce carbon emissions, carpool whenever possible. Additionally, while visiting, opt for eco-friendly transportation options such as walking or biking to explore the area.
A female mechanic in a red plaid shirt inspects a car tire in a garage.
Reduce Drag
For better fuel efficiency and to reduce air drag on your vehicle, remove the ski rack and replace your snow tires with regular tires at the end of the winter season.
Close-up of a person's legs wearing hiking boots and white socks, standing on a rocky trail surrounded by greenery.
Stay on Trail
Remember to hike and bike only on designated trails. Preserve the natural environment, prevent erosion, and protect wildlife habitats while you enjoy the beauty of nature and minimize your impact on the ecosystem.
A person recycling a plastic bottle in a designated green bin in a park.
Leave No Trace
We need everyone's help to keep the Resort, Mountain, and natural areas clean. If you can't use a reusable item, please ensure that you dispose of waste responsibly by placing it in the appropriate bins.

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