it's never felt so good to be outside

It’s often said that Canada has two seasons: summer and winter. Depending on how Mother Nature is feeling, the cold chill of winter can takeover the majority of the calendar year. If you belong to that unique class of people who are elated by an October snowfall, believe that December really isn’t worth celebrating without the white stuff and plan your January and February weekends around how often you can hit the slopes, then we’d like to welcome you to Blue Mountain! Here we call ourselves outsiders. We live for the outdoors and skiing from sun-up to sundown, through the coldest days and longest nights, and loving every minute of it. Join us this year with a Season Pass. We have something for everyone.
Season Pass Benefits

Whether you’re a Super, 6x7 or 5x7® Passholder, there are benefits to choosing Blue as your home away from home this winter.

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Super Pass

It’s for the committed. For the ones that are on the slopes from sunup to sundown, skiing through flurries or blue bird days and anything in between. When your Pass reflects your passion for the outdoors, it’s easy to see why it’s called Super.

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6x7 Pass

Whoever said Sunday was ideal for TV time and couch-surfing has clearly never met a 6x7 Passholder. There’s no rest for the wicked when the choice comes to spending your Sundays outside on the slopes.

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5x7 Pass

There’s freedom in flexibility. When it’s your choice whether you’d like to ride midweek from open to close or weekend nights, the flexibility of a 5x7® gives you and your family the time to explore the great outdoors.

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Night Pass

Everyone knows that in winter, the days are short and the nights are long. But when the clock turns 3:30pm and the night lights click on, longer nights are the stuff of dreams for the person with the Night Pass.

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Legend Pass

The term Legend isn’t tossed around lightly. You earn it through years spent on the slopes, watching the sport and its loyal enthusiasts evolve. When you can reminisce about the history of Blue with alarming accuracy, you know you’ve earned your Legend Pass.

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