In consideration of Blue Mountain Resort and Monterra Golf Course operated by Blue Mountain Resorts LP (together the “Resort”) accepting my application for a Monterra Golf Season Pass (the “Pass”), I (referred to as “I” or “Passholder”) hereby agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

  1. The Pass does not guarantee access to the Resort for a minimum number of days in each season or that the Resort will be open for a minimum number of days each season. Use of the Pass to access the Resort is subject to, among other things, the Resort being open and having the capability and/or capacity to grant access. The Resort reserves the right to close or limit access for weather, safety, or any other reason at its sole discretion with or without notice during each season.
  2. The Pass is valid Sunday to Thursday. The Pass allows a maximum of three (3) rounds per week and rounds will not be held over to the following week. A "week" starts Sunday and ends Thursday. Please note: this offer excludes Sundays of holiday weekends and therefore rounds can only be played using the Pass from Monday to Thursday on the week following a holiday weekend.
  3. Monterra Golf Double Down purchase includes two fully-transferable rounds, valid Sunday to Friday during the 2024 Season. Double Downs must be purchased with a Pass and are limited to two per Passholder.
  4. All Passes are non-refundable, except if Passholder has a valid medical reason or relocates his/her residence. On or before May 10th, 2024, for valid medical reasons or relocation of Passholder’s residence, Pass purchaser may obtain a full refund of the purchase price paid for the Pass if never used or a prorated amount of the purchase price paid for the Pass less deductions for each use of the Pass, which shall be based on the price of a public regular green fee per round. All eligible refund requests must be received by Blue Mountain Resorts LP by May 10th, 2024.
  5. Monterra Golf Facilities will operate daily, weather permitting, commencing May 2024 through to October 2024 at the sole discretion of management. There may be times when golf carts will not be permitted to drive off the cart path, due to course conditions.
  6. All Passholders are required to personally execute a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Warning, Assumption of Risk, Indemnity and Consent to Medical Treatment/Transport Agreement as a condition of their pass purchase and to use facilities at the Resort. If the Pass is not purchased electronically via the website, the Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Warning, Assumption of Risk, Indemnity and Consent to Medical Treatment/Transport Agreement must be completed at the time the Pass is collected and prior to the Passholder’s use of the Pass. A parent or legal guardian must execute the Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Warning, Assumption of Risk, Indemnity and Consent to Medical Treatment/Transport Agreement for passholders under 18 years of age.
  7. Use of golf cart is included in the Pass purchase. Valid driver’s license in good standing is required to operate a golf cart. Golf carts may not be operated by guests under the age of 16.
  8. The Resort will not be responsible for any lost or stolen equipment or belongings.
  9. Passholder agrees not to teach golf for remuneration on property owned or controlled by Blue Mountain Resorts LP.
  10. Passholder understands that the Pass is NOT TRANSFERABLE and CANNOT BE RESOLD, and that the Pass may be confiscated or that use of the Pass may be revoked or suspended, if, in the sole judgment and discretion of the Resort, Passholder acts in any manner that endangers or may endanger the safety of themselves or another person; violates the law or a Resort policy; uses the Pass in a fraudulent manner; or engages in misconduct, abuses Resort staff or other participants, or creates a disturbance or nuisance. Passholder further understands that such acts may also be prosecuted as a criminal offense, as applicable.

Passholder Bookings & Play Terms & Conditions

  1. Each Passholder will be permitted to book one foursome per day at online. Passholders will be required to enter the names of all passholders playing at the time of booking. If a passholder wishes to play 36 holes in one day, please call the Golf Shop for the second booking.
  2. Each Passholder will only be permitted to be booked in up to 3 times in one weekly Sunday to Thursday period, whether or not they booked the tee time. For example, a Passholder who is booked for 3 rounds (Sunday, Monday and Wednesday) will have to cancel one of those bookings to be permitted to book on Thursday.
  3. If a Passholder is booked in a tee time which a guest booked in advance of the seven-day Passholder booking window, the Passholder will be expected to pay the applicable green fee, unless the booking is approved by management at Monterra.
  4. All cancellations or modifications must be done through the Monterra Golf Shop at 1-877-445-0231 ext. 52303. The Passholder that is booking the tee times will be responsible for any no-shows as part of their group. Cancellations or modifications to tee times must be confirmed 24 hours in advance. The person who booked the tee times will be charged a $25 fee for Passholder no-shows and the applicable green fee will be charged for public player no-shows.
  5. Once a Passholder tees off it counts against one of the Pass’s allocated golf rounds. No additional rounds will be granted if Passholder experiences slow play or if Passholder’s round is affected by weather.
  6. Please note: Misuse of the online booking system in any way, in order to gain advantage to book prime tee times, will not be tolerated and may result in the loss of Passholder’s booking privileges. Repeat offences could result in immediate suspension or revocation of the Pass.
  7. Passholder understands fully that the Pass is only intended for personal use and is not for pre-booking large groups. The tee times can only be booked seven days in advance. These products are highly discounted and there may be times when tee-times could be unavailable due to prior resort bookings.
  8. Monterra Dress Code policy applies to passholders and guests. Men must have a collared shirt and sleeves with golf pants or shorts. Ladies may wear sleeveless shirts with a collar or no collar with sleeves. Denim, joggers, beach shorts, cut off shorts and short shorts/skirts are not permitted. Proper footwear is required. Soft spike golf shoes or smooth soled athletic shoes only are permitted on Monterra. No sports cleats or metal spikes.

I understand that the breach of this contract is a serious offense. The Pass remains the property of Blue Mountain Resorts LP. I acknowledge the affirmative duty to immediately notify the Resort if the Pass is lost or stolen.

I understand, accept and agree that usage of the Pass is subject to risks including, but not limited to, length or occurrence of each season which may be affected by weather, weather-related events, travel advisories, public health or government order, or any other event or occurrence that limits or prohibits the Resort from its operation.