If you are looking to purchase a season pass you can do so here.

In consideration of Blue Mountain Resort accepting my application for a Season Pass, I hereby agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

1. REFUNDING PURCHASE or Cancelling in Season: In order to be eligible for any full or partial refund at any time, pass holders must purchase insurance through Red Sky. To obtain a copy of full insurance plan details, please call 1-866-889-7409 or visit online at: bluemountain.ca/redsky. Insurance premium is administered at 6% of the value of the pass that is being purchased and is only offered at time of pass purchase.

2. Liability Waiver: All pass holders are required to personally execute a Release of Liability Agreement in order to finalize their pass purchase. If the pass is not purchased electronically via the website, the Release of Liability must be completed when picking up the pass. A parent or legal guardian must execute the Release of Liability for pass holders under 18 years of age. A copy of the Terms and Conditions and Release of Liability can be found at bluemountain.ca

3. Season Length and Operating Hours: BMR is normally open from mid-December to the end of March. Day lift operation is from 9:00am - 3:30pm. Night lift operation is normally late December to the end of March Break from 3:30pm - 9:00pm. Resort facilities operate daily at the discretion of BMR management. There are no refunds or compensation in case of cancellation of operations on account of weather, snow conditions, limited terrain or mechanical failure of equipment. The length of the winter season and daily hours of hill access are dependent on weather and snow conditions. Individual runs may be closed on a temporary basis for safety reasons or for event purposes.

4. Pass Privileges: Adult, Senior, Youth, Young Adult and Tyke 5x7® Season Passes are valid for lift access Monday to Friday 9am - 9pm and Saturday & Sunday from 3:30 - 9pm. Night access only December 26-27, 2019 and December 30-31, 2019. Night skiing is scheduled to start Thursday, December 12, 2019 and end Sunday, March 15, 2020.

All rates and dates can change without notice.

Terrain Park Pass is valid for Terrain Park access, when operating, during the 2019/20 season. Pass holders must be 8 years or older. Terrain Park users must view a safety video prior to initial Terrain Park access. Helmets are required in all Terrain Parks areas. Pass holder must read and follow all posted signage.

5. Attachment and Display of Passes: Season passes must be worn visibly and secured by the pass holder. Lanyards with clips are provided and recommended for attaching to jacket zippers. Passes must not be attached to pants, gloves or hat. Protection of the pass from loss or damage is entirely the responsibility of the pass holder. Passes must not be altered in any manner and must be presented for inspection at lift gates, at any point of sale and to any BMR employee or safety volunteer on request. Improper use of a pass or failure to follow hill use and safety rules will result in confiscation and cancellation of the pass without refund.

6. Misplaced, Lost or Forgotten Passes: Pass holders must not access hill facilities without their pass. If the pass is misplaced, lost or forgotten, the Pass holder must advise Blue Mountain Resort immediately. A lost/forgot pass (LFP) lift ticket may be purchased once per season at posted prices. The intact LFP lift ticket may be presented on a future date, together with the pass, for a full LFP ticket refund. Any subsequent lift tickets purchased are not refundable. There are no complimentary lost pass replacements. A lost pass may be reprinted once per season, subject to an administrative fee, as posted at Guest Services desks. After one reprint per season, replacement passes must be repurchased. The price of this replacement pass will be equal to the price that was paid for the lost pass. If a LFP lift ticket or pass is found in use by a person other than the rightful pass holder, the LFP lift ticket and pass will be revoked without refund and the pass holder may be barred from Blue Mountain Resort facilities for the entire season, without refund.

7. Use of Pass be Another Person: A pass may be confiscated with no re-issue if in the sole judgement of Blue Mountain Resort's representative it is used in a fraudulent manner. A $100 fine plus the price of a daily ticket may be charged to the Pass holder for any fraudulent use by another person.

8. As a Passholder, I agree:
a) to read, understand and abide by Blue Mountain’s “Alpine Responsibility Code” and Season Pass Terms and Conditions;
b) to read, understand and execute a Release of Liability Agreement;
c) not to teach skiing or snowboarding at Blue Mountain for remuneration; and
d) not to allow use of my pass by any other person

I understand that the breach of this contract is a serious offense. The season pass remains the property of Blue Mountain Resorts LP.