Serving Up Your New Favourite Slope Side Snack

Embrace the spirit of Blue Mountain at Chill Seeker, your go-to snack bar for wintertime delights! Enjoy warm Belgian Waffles topped with classic flavour combinations including apple caramel, birthday cake, cookies and cream and s’mores, served with a scoop of Shaws ice cream. The perfect handheld treat for cold winter days. Plus, warm up with a selection of hot drinks before getting back on the slopes.

A cup of ice cream sitting on a counter. A cup of ice cream sitting on a counter.
Winter Menu

Chill Seeker

Opening Dec. 22ndMon. - Thurs.
12PM - 5PM
Fri. - Sun.
12PM - 7PM
Blue Mountain Resort LP’s Food & Beverage Services do our utmost to accommodate any food-related allergies, intolerance or sensitivities that are communicated to us by our guests. We do not however, assume responsibility for any reaction, illness or injury related to food allergies, intolerance or sensitivities and are unable to guarantee a 100% allergen-free environment

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