Skis or Snowboard

How to choose between skiing or snowboarding
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Which sport is better, skiing or snowboarding? The debate is as old as time. One thing is certain: you will have fun and be challenged either way. Both get you outdoors into nature with your friends and family. Both use gravity and momentum to navigate the mountain by turning. Both will eventually allow you to float on fresh snow (we call it powder), catch air and learn tricks (this is freestyle), or be the fastest person on the mountain (also known as racing).

Skiing and snowboarding have a lot in common, but there are some differences:
Adult on-hill winter group lifestyle Adult on-hill winter group lifestyle


Body Position

With skiing, you are facing forward, much like walking or running. This feels familiar to many.

  • Each foot is attached to its own ski, so the skis can be moved independently of each other.
  • Turns are initiated by putting your weight on one foot and then the other.
Sports with Similar Motion

If you’re comfortable playing hockey, figure skating or rollerskating, skiing might feel a little more natural for you.


Skiing includes a ski for each foot, attached with click-in bindings that hold your feet in place, plus two ski poles that are held in your hands for balance and stability.

  • Skis attach to your feet by stepping into your bindings, which can be done standing up.
  • Ski boots are made from rigid, plastic and are stiffer than snowboard boots to give you stability.
People on Hill in Winter People on Hill in Winter


Body Position

With snowboarding, you are standing sideways and looking where you’re going over your front shoulder. This is a new and exciting way of moving for many.

  • Your feet are fixed onto your board, so they never change position.
  • The same foot always goes forward. This is your dominant foot.
  • Turns are achieved by leaning on your toes (toeside) and then on your heels (heelside).
Sports with Similar Motion

If you’re comfortable skateboarding, surfing or wakeboarding, snowboarding may be natural for you to pick up.


Snowboarding includes less equipment than skiing—one board that attaches to your feet with bindings that feature ratchet straps.

  • Strapping into your bindings can be done standing up or sitting down.
  • Snowboard boots are softer and more flexible than ski boots.
  • No poles required, as balance is dictated by your waist, shoulders and arms.
Famous Canadian Snowboarders

Mark McMorris

Ross Rebagliati

Sébastien Toutant
Famous Canadian Skiers

Lauren Woolstencroft

Wayne Wong

Shane McConkey

What did you choose?

Still not sure which is right for you? Go with your gut. Ask yourself, which looks cooler? Which looks like more fun? There’s no wrong answer; it really does come down to personal preference.

So what will it be, 1 board or 2 for you?
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