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Why Choose a Co-op Placement at Blue
Choosing Blue Mountain for your co-op placement means embracing adventure, the outdoors, and professional development. With opportunities across our resort teams, you'll also enjoy all the perks of resort life and a whole region to explore.
Looking for a position with lots of action and time outside? Keep an eye on available positions for camp counsellors and Mountain Adventure Guides, join us for Leader in Training programs, or apply to be a ski or snowboard instructor.

There are three requirements to apply for a College/University Co-op position at Blue:

  1. Applicants must be in good standing with their college or university.
  2. International applicants must have a Study and Work Permit.
  3. Students must apply for a position that is recognized/approved by their program of study to be eligible.

College and University students can apply to an open position advertised on our job board or on their school's website. Most Blue Mountain departments will consider a Co-op placement if it fits into their work demands.

High School students interested in a Co-op placement at Blue Mountain should contact their school guidance counsellor or visit the Hiring Hub located at 588 Hurontario Street, Collingwood to speak with a recruiter.

Most of our hospitality departments regularly host Co-op placements including Food and Beverage operations, Hotels and Lodging, Housekeeping, and Mountain Adventure teams. Placements may also be available in our Resort Operations divisions with Human Resources, Finance, or Marketing.

Co-op placements at Blue generally occur for 3 to 4 month periods and provide between 320 to 560 hours depending on the College/University requirements for the placement. Blue Mountain aims to provide full-time hours during the placement however our business is dependent upon weather and guest volume, so hours may fluctuate throughout the season.

High School Co-op's generally require fewer hours and are dependant on individual school requirements.

Yes, all College/University Co-op placements are paid (rate is dependant on specific jobs).

High School Co-op placements are not paid. Hours will be tracked to meet school requirements.

Yes, students are eligible for all the same perks as a Seasonal Employees. Each season, we are excited to put together a roster of great perks and benefits to help our employees experience the mountain and adventure. See our Four Season of Perks page to learn more.

Co-op at Blue Mountain operates like a regular seasonal placement. Managers of each student will be required to track activity and report back to their school along with the filing of a final report at the end of the season. 

All employees, including Co-op students are covered by WSIB at Blue Mountain during the course of their working shifts. We also have on-site teams of first responders qualified to triage First Aid calls.

Our Joint Health and Safety teams are available to all employees to report any hazard, or any H&S suggestions while our AODA committee regularly assesses the resort to better support our diverse community of guests and employees. 

Employees also receive free mental health and lifestyle assistance through the Employee Assistance Program and are welcome to join an Employee Resource Group for regular meetings to discuss issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Have a Question?

Stop by the Hiring Hub or email us at apply@bluemountain.ca

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