We want our employees to know that our commitment to them extends beyond just their positions at Blue Mountain. Post Secondary education can be expensive and we want all of our staff succeed in achieving their goals. We are proud to be able to initiate TAP as an option for employees to pursue their education.

Sounds great? Here are the details:

Work for us for two seasons or more, and Blue Mountain will give you $500 per season toward your College or University education.

To be TAP eligible:
You must be a current High School student.
You must be working in eligible job positions to earn TAP. Contact Us to find out what positions are eligible
You must remain an employee “in good standing” with Blue Mountain and maintain a minimum “GOOD” score on your seasonal performance evaluation.
You must enrol to be eligible for TAP.
*You must work a minimum of 2 seasons to collect assistance, which is either:
a winter and a summer in the same calendar year;
two summers in a row;
or, two winters in a row.

Terms & Conditions:
1. You must work until the end of the season to remain eligible for the $500 TAP. If you leave before the end of the season (resignation or termination), you will forfeit all tuition funds.
a. End of winter season: Last Sunday of March Break
b. End of summer season: Labour Day
2. This program does not guarantee ongoing employment from season to season. You must still re-apply for employment or be invited back to work at Blue Mountain. Once you have secured your seasonal job, then re-enrolment into TAP is required.
3. Funds will be held in an account and remitted to an accredited school financial services offices for qualified participants.
4. Any student who is not enrolled in either High School or Post-Secondary School for 13 consecutive months will forfeit their TAP fund.
5. Funding is available for select positions only. Please ask at time of application or upon returning for another season. These lists are subject to change.
To qualify for TAP and receive payment:
Students must receive acceptance to a recognized accredited educational institute and be enrolled as a full time student.
Once proof of acceptance is provided, direct payment arrangements will be made with the financial services office at the educational institute.
A TAP account balance summary can be requested from Human Resources annually on or after September 1st of each year.

PLEASE NOTE: Program rules, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enrol for this program? What is the formal enrolment process?
Interested students must submit a cover letter to apply@bluemountain.ca
The cover letter must state why you feel you are a suitable candidate for the Tuition Assistance Program.
*You must cite the title "Tuition Assistance Program” in the main subject line of the cover letter.

2. What is the deadline to enrol for TAP?
Enrolment for students in a winter position must be received by January 10th
Enrolment for students in a summer position must be received by July 1st.
*Extensions on these deadlines will not be made.

3. Will the payment from Blue Mountain to the college/university be paid when fees are due (before Sept)?
Payment to the college or university will be made once Blue Mountain has received the proof of acceptance and a tuition invoice from the educational institute.

4. How long is a ‘season’ (how many weeks, days, or shifts do I have to work)?
You must work a minimum of 2 shifts per week and remain in the position until the end of the season.

5. What happens if I do not meet the 2 shift per week minimum?
If you do not meet the minimum shifts required due to your own availability, you will forfeit funds accrued for that season.

6. What happens if I leave before the end of the season (I resign from my position)?
a. You must work a minimum of 2 seasons to collect assistance which is winter and summer in the same calendar year or two summers in a row or two winters in a row.
b. If you worked for less than stipulated in 7a) you will forfeit all funds accrued.
c. If you complete 2 seasons as outlined in 7a) and then leave before the end of season #3, you will be eligible to collect the $1000 earned in seasons 1 and 2.

7. What happens if I am terminated from my position?
In the case of termination, you will forfeit all funds accrued.

8. What happens if I am not welcome back for another season?
If you are not welcome back to your previously held position but are welcome back to Blue Mountain, and you secure a different position that is TAP eligible, you may continue accruing tuition assistance. If you are not welcome back to any position at Blue Mountain, you will forfeit all funds accrued.

9. Is this a taxable benefit?
Yes. Blue Mountain will remit funds to the accredited educational institute to go toward your tuition expenses. A form T4 or T4A will be issued to you to be included with your annual income

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