Thank you for choosing Blue Mountain Resorts LP as your group destination.

Below you will find important information on how to plan your group visit. Please follow all guidelines and make sure all requirements are completed before your arrival.

Group Participant

Please register yourself or your child (under 18 year) for their Blue Mountain trip by completing the form below. This document contains important information about the Alpine Responsibility Code, Acknowledgement/ Informed Consent, and Important Ski/Snowboard information.

Under 18 years of age
18 years of age or older
Only for participants who are renting equipment

Register Yourself for Blue Mountain Excursion

Please Note: Rentals will not be pre-set. Please complete this form prior to arrival to speed up the rental process.. Form is mobile friendly.

Group Organizer

To Prepare for Blue Mountain Trip:

1.) Have participants fill out proper form depending on age category

Under 18 years of age
Print and distribute the Informed Consent Permission Form to participants under 18 years of age for a parent or guardian to sign.

These forms will be presented at the Recreation Services portable on your day of arrival.

If the Informed Consent Permission Form is not filled out correctly and signed, the participant will not be permitted to participate in the activities.

18 years of age and older
All participants (18+) requiring rental equipment, must complete the Adult Rental Waiver. Rentals will not be pre-set.
Please Note: This form should be completed on day of excursion. Form is mobile friendly.

2.) Review our Winter Safety Policy, as well as the Alpine Responsibility Code with your participants.

When you Arrive at Blue Mountain

All Adult Rental Waivers must be completed online, prior to arrival. We will be collecting paper Informed Consent Permission Forms upon arrival.

1.) Arrive at the Recreation Services Portable located in the South Base Lodge parking area.
2.) Have all participants stay on the bus while you pick up your lift ticket, and meal vouchers.
3.) Payment is due upon arrival, with cash, Visa, MasterCard, certified cheque or money order. Note: Personal cheques will not be accepted.
4.) A rental deposit of $500 will be made upon arrival by: Certified cheque made out to Blue Mountain Resorts LP
5.) We will take an emergency contact number for someone in your group who is available on the resort for the duration of your trip. Cell phones are mandatory.
6.) Participants will be guided to the South Base Lodge and those who need rentals will be directed to the group rental desk.