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Vision, Guiding Principles, & Design Objectives


Mosaic Suites at Blue are the mountain-modern, spa-luxury accommodations, inspired by local natural elements (rocks, fire, water & air). The suites are aesthetically beautiful, serene, comfortable, durable and state-of-the-art. From booking to arrival to departure the Mosaic experience is uniquely upscale, indulgent in style, full of unexpected-extras and instagram-worthy moments. A natural Mosaic themed design brand is subtly and cleverly detailed throughout.

Guiding Principles
The Guiding Principles are foundational statements that will help us in all decisions for this refurbishment as well as other/future decision making such as marketing, customer interface, operations, etc.)
Mosaic is the elevated luxury boutique suites accommodations at Blue Mountain.
Mosaic ranks in the top 2 for bookings & revenue per night earnings.
Guests / groups select Mosaic as their first choice for its aesthetic, amenities, location and reputation for extraordinary customer service.
Mosaic is distinctive from the accommodation options.
The Mosaic aesthetic is timeless, modern, upscale and offers something unique.

Design Objectives
The Objectives are measurable goals/ achievements for this project – that should align with the Guiding Principles
An enhanced / stepped-up accommodations choice.
Modern/contemporary clean comfort with a timeless aesthetic.
Includes the latest technology, electronics & lighting.
Natural Style / Natural Materials like wood, leather, stone.
Timeless colour scheme that leans toward calm, nature colours.
A design that embraces a range of wood grain tones & finishes.
The ‘Mosaic’ brand is relevant, refined and subtly detailed into the design theme.
The design theme embraces natural materials and textures.
The theme leverages the interior connection to the Spa.
Conference centre stays are well-accommodated.
Style-trends are incorporated in pieces that are easily updated while keeping the investment pieces timeless.
Modernized lighting is selected for a specific purpose, mood & making a brand-statement.
Spa-inspired details that leverage the pool, hot-tub and allude a healthy lifestyles vibe.
Elevated Details – improved robes, disposable slippers, coffee/tea, pillow menu, room scents.
Quality Art that aligns with the brand / design theme and links to the local nature.
A unique vibe and wow factor that sets it apart from the other accommodations.
Social Media Influence Marketing by guests is leveraged– an Instagram moment in the lobby & the suites aesthetic.
Durable, low maintenance and easy to clean finishes.

Questions and Answers
The reputation and ability of Mosaic to meet guest expectations is diminishing. Increasing amounts of negative guest feedback and price resistance have all been factors in moving this project forward. With high prices come higher guest expectations.

This refurbishment will position Mosaic to meet and exceed the expectations of guests and permit BMR as your rental manager to continue commanding market leading rates for properties on the rental program.
In addition to the previous answer, there is also a question of form over function. Even though an item may still function it is necessary to also ask if it is current in terms of guest expectations. Guests comment frequently on the dated nature of the bathrooms and kitchens. Guests are heavily influenced in terms of their experiences by the presentation of these components within a hotel. Guests actively compare unit fit and finish to what they have experienced elsewhere and in Canada even mid-scale urban and suburban properties are utilizing world class finishes.

Aside from a dated appearance, tubs are failing throughout the building and cabinet doors are showing significant signs of wear and tear in several units.
Unfortunately, your unit will have to come off the Rental Program as it will no longer meet the hotel standard and it will be unable to generate revenue for you.
Your unit currently meets the hotel standard for Mosaic and will remain on the Rental Program until project work commences in the building. Once this work starts, your unit will no longer be eligible to participate in the rental program.
Under these circumstances i.e., your unit not meeting the hotel standard, you do not have to provide us with notice. Closer to the commencement of the project we will provide formal notice to you along with guidance and information that explains the process for leaving the program.
Once the project commences, units that are not proceeding will no longer be able participate in the Rental Program and generate any revenue. Owners appointed Blue Mountain as the exclusive rental manager at the time of purchase and are unable to rent any other way.

This aspect of the Rental Management Agreement (RMA) protects the interests of all owners and applies regardless of whether your unit is on the Rental Program. This provision supports the intended use of your property within a resort environment and protects the integrity of the hotel operation and its ability to drive revenues to the rental pool. This restriction is fundamental to the success of the resort and your revenues and as such this aspect of the RMA is embedded in your condominium corporation’s Declaration documentation.
The answer is basically no.

As referenced in the Declaration for your condominium, under the terms of the RMA, units must be maintained at a standard determined by the Rental Manager. That standard is derived from industry knowledge of what is required to meet guest expectations and one that positions the hotel in such a way that it remains competitive and consistent with comparable properties.

Once a unit no longer meets that standard i.e. when refurbishment begins, it would no longer eligible to be part of the rental program.

The RMA is clear that owners may not rent their units privately under any circumstances.
Owners considering selling an un-refurbished unit in a refurbished building will generally find that such a unit will not command the same price as its market competitors and will spend more days on the market. Experience suggests an un-refurbished unit is a less attractive prospect to a potential purchaser because that unit’s ability to quickly generate revenue is compromised.
Blue Mountain has invested significantly into the overall viability of the resort in many areas of resort operations and capital infrastructure. Areas of considerable operational expenditure include housekeeping, maintenance, front desk, security, marketing, sales, IT, human resources, etc. Infrastructure investments in lift operations, activities, conference facilities and logistical infrastructure all benefit the rental pools.

BMR does not own assets within the condominiums (save for the administrative spaces) and is only retained on contract as Rental Manager. As such, it is unable to make direct investments in this area but does all it can to build the vitality of the resort (including the performance of the hotels) using BMR dollars through increasing the attractiveness of the resort as a destination year-round and across all demographics.
While we would make all reasonable efforts to accommodate, this may not be possible for some time (due to resource availability and other project priorities) and any efforts to do so will incur significant increases in costs over those estimates. This is due to the loss of bulk purchasing discounts and diminished economies of scale for contractor pricing, etc.

A compounding consideration is that if an owner refurbishes late, the clock counting down to the next round of refurbishments has already been ticking. The refurbishment schedule does not start again at the time an individual unit refurbishes. Delayed refurbishment translates into a shorter period of utility and opportunity for return on the project; the more delay that is involved the bigger that disadvantage becomes.
The refurbishment is scheduled be completed in two phases. Proposed dates: Phase one (floors 3 and 4) to start Spring 2025 and phase two (floors 1 and 2) to start Fall 2025.
All items being removed from the rooms are the property of owners. You will be given the option to pick up your items if it is your wish. You will be sent an owner pick up information package that will explain our standard process for managing owner pick-up.
Homeowner Services is happy to take your call or receive your email. Please reach out to us at any time.
Refurbishment Progress
The following schedule outlines a sequenced summary of events related to the progress of the upcoming refurbishment.


November 2023

Committee convenes for the Envisioning Session with designer mackaywong.

Week of September 25Renovation dates selected for Spring 2025 (Floors 3 & 4) and Fall 2025 (Floors 1 & 2)
Week of June 23Committee has selected the firm of mackaywong as the designer for the project
Week of May 22Designer presentations
Week of May 15Designer proposal reviewed by committee
May 12Designer proposals due (Includes broad terms of project scope and initial price range)
April 17Design Services RFP sent to firms selected by committee
April 11Mosaic Refurbishment Vision completed by committee
March 22Committee held meeting at Mosaic to inspect a sample of Mosaic suites and visit to recently refurbished Grand Georgian and Weider Lodge suites
February 9Committee held inaugural meeting with representatives from BMR to understand refurbishment process options


December 8Board of Directors asked for volunteers to form a Refurbishment Committee