Blue Mountain Resort's Confidence to Buy

However you ride, you can purchase with confidence. With the opportunity to defer your pass and several pass insurance options, there’s a solution that’s right for you.

No Hassle Deferral

Buy with confidence and know that you’re covered. If a 24/25 5x7® Pass holder decides not to use their pass after purchase, for any reason, they can elect to defer their pass to receive a full credit for the purchase price of their unused 24/25 5x7® Pass to be used toward the purchase of a 25/26 5x7® Pass.\

The pass holder must defer their pass in My Account on by December 12, 2024 to receive a full credit for the purchase price paid for their unused 24/25 5x7® Pass. Passes cannot have been scanned or used in any capacity from purchase date through December 12, 2024, including access in the Spring 2024, Summer 2024, or Fall 2024. Subject to applicable terms and conditions.

Deferrals Must Be Declared By The Holder Via My Account on by December 12, 2024.

Once a pass product is deferred, the pass is deactivated and cannot be used for the 24/25 season.

Deferral Terms & Conditions

If there is a price difference between the unused pass credit amount issued for the 24/25 5x7® Pass and the 5x7® Pass purchased for the 25/26 winter season for whatever reason, including price increases, pass holder age, eligibility for certain discounts, or pass product substitution the purchaser will be required to pay the price difference. No partial refunds or credits will be issued if the cost of the 25/26 5x7® Pass is less than the unused pass credit amount, and any remaining credit amount will be automatically forfeited upon the pass holder’s redemption of the 24/25 local resort credit for their one 25/26 local resort pass product.

A pass holder who has already deferred their 24/25 5x7® Pass may use their pass credit to repurchase a 24/25 5x7® Pass provided the 24/25 5x7® Pass are still available for purchase and the pass holder will be responsible for paying the then-current price for the applicable local resort pass product they wish to purchase.

All eligible 24/25 5x7® Pass holders are automatically enrolled to be eligible for a discount towards the purchase of an equivalent 25/26 5x7® Pass unless the holder elects to defer his/her unused 24/25 5x7® Pass until the 25/26 winter season.

The discount may only be used for the purchase of the same 25/26 5x7® Pass or, to the extent the same Product is not offered for sale in the 25/26 winter season, an equivalent Blue Mountain Resort product offered for sale for the 25/26 winter season and is only available until such time as 25/26 winter season Products are no longer available for sale.

For the full Terms and Conditions, please read the Deferral Terms & Conditions within the Local Passes tab on the Ikon Pass website.

See Full Deferral Terms & Conditions

Using Your Deferral

Deferral credits are applied to the account profile of the actual pass holder whose name is associated with the applicable deferral. Deferral credits cannot be used to purchase a pass in person.

Purchase Online:
Your deferral credit will be applied at checkout when the pass has been assigned to you or a member on your account.

  1. Add the 5x7® Pass to your cart.
  2. Next, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and login to your profile.
  3. Assign the pass to you or a member on your account. *The credit will be applied to the member who’s pass was deferred.
  4. Upload a photo and complete a waiver in your Ikon profile for each pass.

Purchase Over the Phone:
Please call the contact center at 1-833-583-BLUE to purchase over the phone to have the credit applied.