Chutes & Loops Ball Run

An interactive gravity-led play fort.
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Let the Good Times Roll

 Included With Play All Day Ticket

3, 2, 1, Go! Roll a wooden ball through an interactive wooden fort with elements like cog and wheels, bells, tunnels, funnels, twists, and conveyer belts. Each run offers a unique adventure, providing endless family fun for little and big kids alike.

Your little ones will feel a part of the adventure as they take in the wonders of the Adventure Park. Watch others as they climb to new heights or soar through the sky! Chutes and Loops is located next to the Lumber Lanes Climbing Centre, and Wind Rider Triple Zips making this activity a great family experience.

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Fri. and Sat.
10AM - 8PM
Sun. to Thurs.
10AM - 6PM
Fast Facts

 Included With Play All Day ticket and Explore All Day ticket

Designed for our youngest adventurers

Unlimited access

Need to Know


  • Suitable for any age, designed for younger participants
  • Participants ages 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult (18+)


  • Weather and conditions permitting
  • Additional restrictions may apply
We are committed to promoting an inclusive environment by preventing and removing barriers for persons with disabilities, as well as allowing all guests the equal opportunity to access resort activities. For more information please view our accessibility information or contact us at

Limited Mobility: Yes, support person required
Wheelchair Accessible: Not available due to terrain
Hard of Hearing: Yes
Deaf Friendly: Yes
Low Vision: Yes, support person required
Vision Loss: Not available
Experience Required: No

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