Blue Mountain Explore Park

Where Nature is the Main Attraction.
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There’s something cathartic about hiking. The sound of birds chirping, leaves rustling in the soft breeze and the way the sun filters through the branches creating a shape shifting effect on the ground ahead. There’s an excited anticipation of what you might see along the way, new paths you might cross, unique aspects of the surroundings. Kids let their imaginations turn them into woodland nymphs, red squirrels or foxes while parents and grandparents recall what it felt like to be so free.

It can be easy to get distracted with the day-to-day complexities of life and absorbed by the technology that dominates our lives. To walk past a park or steam and take for granted the potential that lies within nature to provide perspective, to ease stress and to find joy.

At Blue Mountain, the Explore Park makes Nature the main attraction with a network of over 20 hiking, biking or multi-use trails spanning the escarpment with a total of 30km ranging from beginner to advanced.All of the trails are mapped and have clear signage to make exploring easy or download the Blue Mountain App to navigate the trails from the palm of your hands.
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How to Access the Explore Park

All Access Includes:

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Unlimited Hike Trail Access

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Unlimited Bike Trail Access

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Unlimited Gondola Access

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We have an App for that!

Open the App to quickly check the Mountain status like the number of hiking or biking trails open, and which attractions are up and running. Plus never get lost again with the help of Blue Mountain's trail map and tracking feature to find your friends and family, or use the guide to navigate along the hiking trails or through the village to your favourite attraction, restaurant or shop.
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Designated Picnic Area
Guests are asked to use the designated picnic area for any outside food or drinks. Our designated picnic area is conveniently located across from the Open-Air Gondola at the top of the Mountain, next to the Coca-Cola container.

Guidelines for Safety and Enjoyment:
To ensure an enjoyable experience for all, we kindly ask guests to be considerate of others and use tables for a maximum of 60 minutes. Also, please ensure you use our provided waste and recycling receptacles to help keep this area clean. Note that this area is not secured nor monitored and any items left are at the guests’ own risk. For safety reasons, grilling equipment, hot plates, and open flames are not permitted.
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