Take Trail Running to the Next Level

If you're looking for an immersive and challenging trail running or cross-country biking experience, Cagey is the perfect path. Located at Blue's northern summit, Cagey loops through the trees, over shale rock and back making for a challenging but picturesque experience.

*Walking time is based on15 minutes for every kilometre of horizontal distance, plus 10 minutes for every 100 metres of ascent. Allow for additional time to account for the slowest hiker in your group.

Usage Hiking, Biking
Difficulty Advanced
Length 2km
Walking Time ~60 minutes*
Connecting Trails
Outer Limits
Usage: Hike, Bike
Distance from Cagey trailhead: .6km along the upper loop or 1.52km along the lower loop
Difficulty: Advanced
Trail direction from Cagey: continues North towards Blue Mountain's furthest point before doubling back onto Cagey

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